What’s in My Bag?! *everyday essentials*

I actually posted this a few weeks ago but was having some technical difficulties, so I had to delete it. I still wanted to share, though. I enjoy seeing what other women carry in their bags and also the different kind of bags women carry. So, I thought this would be a fun post for me to do.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in:

Here’s the bag that I’ve been carrying the most lately. I love it so much. I’ve mentioned several times my obsession with animal print, particularly leopard print. I purchased it from Sole Lavish, a small, black owned company. It’s no longer available on the site, but I did find a similar option HERE.

The bag did come with a strap, but I’ve always worn it without it.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Set: Kash Queen; Boots: Forever 21; Umbrella: Target

Here’s what the bag looks like opened up:

Quite a bit can fit in the bag–at least all of my essentials.

Now, let’s get into what’s inside the bag, starting with the small pocket. We have:

  1. My storage keys, some change, and a Tylenol

I like to carry my storage keys with me at all times because I never know when I need to stop by there to pick something up. It’s also a must that I keep some kind of headache medicine on me because I tend to get them a lot.

2. A mask

I obviously like to have a mask in my bag at all times. I also like to keep a box in my car, so whenever I’m out and about and need a new one, I can easily get one. I don’t like to wear the same mask for too long.

3. USB charging cable

I always like to carry a phone charger with me wherever I go. If you know me, you know that my phone is usually always going dead. I typically like to have one that I keep in the car and one that I keep at home so I don’t have to worry about taking the same one back and forth.

4. Lip gloss

I always carry at least one lip gloss with me. It’s important to have moisturized lips. This particular one I believe I got from the hair store, and I like it. It’s not sticky, and it doesn’t irritate my lips.

5. My pouch

Since this particular bag isn’t big enough for my wallet, I like to carry my pouch. This is where I keep all my important cards, receipts, and sometimes cash (which I rarely have). I do think it’s important to carry a little bit of cash. You just never know when you’ll need it.

6. Cash and Zaxby’s receipt

So, this particular day I did have some cash on me. I used some to pay for food at Zaxby’s, which is where the receipt comes in. I have a bad habit of keeping a bunch of receipts that I don’t need. I’m trying to do better and only keep the important ones.

7. Panty liners

So sorry if this is TMI. Haha, but my cycle was starting soon, so I wanted to be prepared. Ladies, always keep materials on you. You never want to be unprepared.

8. Nail glue

As I mentioned in my last post, all I wear are press-on nails, so I have to keep nail glue on me. I never know when one is going to pop off, and I’ll need to glue it back on or replace it.

9. Mascara

Now this isn’t something I always carry in my bag. The only time I usually have mascara in my bag is when I’m wearing it (which isn’t all that often) just in case I want to apply more, or if I’m in a hurry and need to apply it in the car or when I get where I’m going.

10. Benadryl

I like to keep Bendryl on hand because of my allergies; there have been times when I’ve been out and started having an allergic reaction, which sometimes I’m not even sure of the cause. Also, fun fact: I’m allergic to shellfish but will still have shrimp from time to time, and I always make sure to take a Bendryl beforehand. Crazy, I know. Don’t judge me. Lol!

11. Headphones

I like carrying headphones with me in case I’m somewhere and want to listen to music or watch a YouTube video, especially if I’m riding in the car with other people and don’t want to distract them or be rude.

12. Random receipts

See what I mean about keeping a bunch of random receipts? I actually got rid of the ones I didn’t need right after taking all the photos for this post.

13. Gloves

I normally don’t keep gloves in my bag, but it was really cold around the time that I had these in there.

14. Another lip gloss (my favorite!)

I’m obsessed with the Crave lip glosses from Avon. There are a ton of different flavors. I’ll link them HERE. Highly recommend! This one is the Salted Caramel. I also have Birthday Cake and French Toast. They smell really good; they’re moisturizing and feel very comfortable on the lips. They’re also infused with Vitamin E. Great to wear alone or over your lipstick.

15. Carmex

It’s always great to carry lip gloss or some kind of chapstick with you at all times, especially in the winter. Having dry and crusty lips just isn’t cute.

16. Hair ties

I like to keep these in case I need to pull my hair back. The one on the right is the best. I only have a couple that my grandmother gave to me. I need to get more. They’re super stretchy and not easy to break like some hair ties. I also don’t have to worry them pulling out my hair. I’m sure you can find them at Walmart.

17. Peppermints

I think I got these at the nail salon when I went to get my eyebrows arched. It got me thinking about how important it is to carry mints or breath refresher spray, especially when you’re on a date. You never know when you’ll eat something that will have your breath smelling funky. Fresh smelling breath is everything. But that’s not the reason I grabbed these. I just genuinely like peppermints.

18. More change

That’s everything that was in my bag. The only thing that I like to keep in my bag that wasn’t included this time is travel-sized hand sanitizer. With everything going on, it’s important to keep some at all times. I also usually keep a huge bottle in my car. It’s obviously better to wash your hands if you can, but hand sanitizer is always the next best thing. If you prefer hand wipes, those are great to have as well, but I normally just have hand sanitizer.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Comment below some things that you keep in your bag. What are your essentials? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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