Even More Random Facts About Me

Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be another random facts about me. I genuinely enjoy doing these because they allow me to open up and give you all some insight about me. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out the other two that I’ve done: 15 Random Facts About Me and 15 More Random Facts About Me.

1. My full name is Kristen Cherone (sha-run) Leonard. My middle name was taken after my aunt’s (dad’s sister) middle name; hers is just spelled a little differently.

2. I finally got a job in my field (Thank you, God), and I’m currently working 2 jobs–something I’ve never done before. More on both of my jobs later. I’ll be doing a life update soon!

3. I’ve always pretty much had a Valentine (someone to celebrate and spend the day with) even the times that I’ve been single. Super random, but this past Valentine’s Day really got me thinking about it and how I’ve never spent Valentine’s Day alone since I’ve been old enough to date.

4. I fasted for the first time in my life a few weeks ago. North Highland Church challenged us “to give up something good for something great.” That’s exactly what I did. I gave up meat, sweets, chips, popcorn, juice, soda–pretty much all the things I love and maintained a mostly vegetarian diet for a full 7 days. It was life changing and taught me a lot.

Source: North Highland Church Instagram

5. I’ve been having bible study consistently for a little over a month now. I had my first study Thursday, January 14th, but I study on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I had a study this morning actually. It’s honestly changing my life and is the best decision I could’ve ever made for myself. I’m excited to continue drawing closer to God.

6. I’m currently an android user, and I’m missing my iPhone so much. I honestly don’t know how I’ve survived the past few months without it.

7. I’ve only worn press-on nails the past year. I haven’t been to a nail salon to get my nails or toes done since the pandemic started. I think I’ll go get my toes done soon. I’ve missed it, and my feet are in desperate need of some extra love and care.

The press-on nails I have currently.

8. My mental health really suffered in 2020. Between hating my job at the time, the pandemic, and everything that transpired in my personal life, it was a hard year. However, I’m happy to say I’m in a much better place.

9. The beach (not one in particular; just in general) is by far my favorite place to visit in the world. Beaches are just so relaxing and tranquil to me, even when they’re crowded. I can’t wait to start vacationing again. It’s been way too long.

Photo by Ingo Joseph on Pexels.com

10. Speaking of traveling, you’ll be surprised to know (or maybe not) that I’ve never been on an airplane. I’m actually terrified of heights. That being said, I know I’ll have to conquer my fear one day, especially if I plan to travel the world when I’m financially able to.

11. One of my biggest pet peeves is having to constantly repeat myself unnecessarily. It drives me crazy.

12. I love to rewatch my favorite shows. I’m currently rewatching The Vampire Diaries (TVD). The show I’ve rewatched the most is Charmed (the original one) because it’s my all-time favorite show.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

13. The movie Maid in Manhattan inspired my dream to one day move to downtown Manhattan, NY and start my writing career. I had that dream for a while. I wanted to move there and live in a really luxurious condo. I’ve visited and would love to go back, but I’m not sure I still want to live there. I kind of see myself living somewhere warmer like Florida, especially because I love the beach and warm weather so much.

14. I’m obsessed with the movie Sweet Home Alabama. It’s one of my favorite movies. I’m a fan of Reece Witherspoon and really like quite a few of her movies. I actually think I’ll watch Sweet Home Alabama this weekend.

15. I really enjoy coloring and arts and crafts. My new job has made me realize how much I enjoy those things. Again, more on that later, but I think I’ll invest in an adult coloring book and pick up some arts and crafts and do some fun projects with my brother DJ from time to time.

DJ and I on Valentine’s Day doing a fun V-Day activity.

There you have it. Even more random facts about me. I hope you all enjoyed this post and learned some interesting things about me. If you’ve been following me for a while, I’d love to know what’s something new that you learned and think is funny or interesting. Do we have anything in common? Please feel free to comment down below. I’d love to chat with you guys more!

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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