$200 Forever 21 Haul + V-Day Outfit & Gift Ideas

It’s been a while since I’ve done a haul or fashion post in general. I’m excited today to share a handful of items that I purchased from Forever 21 for Valentine’s Day. Majority of the items are gifts that I got for a couple of my loved ones, but it wouldn’t be a true fashion haul if I didn’t pick up a few items for myself.

  1. Ribbed Cami Jumpsuit

I thought this jumpsuit would be great for Valentine’s Day because it’s simple and cute but can still be dressed up with heels and a nice jacket or coat, which brings me to my next item:

2. Fleece Wrap Jacket

Jackets like these are winter staples because they go with so many different looks. I’ve been needing one for a while, so I’m glad I went ahead and got one. I think it’ll go great with the jumpsuit for this weekend. Love how long it is and that it ties.

3. Heart Cutout Drop Earrings

Forever 21 has the cutest heart earrings to choose from. I decided on these for my V-Day look. Love them!

I plan on pairing the look with either some black or tan heels that I already have in my closet. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

The remaining items are gifts that I purchased for a couple of my loved ones:

4. Vampire Face Mask – one size fits all

My friend and I are both huge fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, so I know she’ll love this mask. If you have any friends that are TVD or TO fans, I’m sure they’ll love this too!

5. Floral Print Headwrap – one size fits all

Love this headwrap. I can think of a few hairstyles that this would be prefect for. Cute gift idea for gal friends who like to accessorize their hair.

6. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer – a pair of travel-sized hand sanitizers (twisted berry and lavender)

Everyone could use extra hand sanitizer right now, especially travel-sized ones to keep in their car or purse. Love that these have clips, so they could also clip onto your keys for easy access when you’re out and about.

7. Poetic Justice Graphic Tee

Thought this was a cute gift idea for anyone who’s a fan of the movie Poetic Justice or Tupac or just anyone who likes graphic tees. This was in the men’s section on the website, but it could also be purchased for women. I would definitely wear it.

I didn’t realize that F21 has such cute men’s clothes. Am I the only one?!

8. Organic Cotton Graphic Tee

This brand, Worldwide, has some cute men’s clothes. Another basic shirt that’s cute for a normal day.

9. Worldwide Graphic Anorak

Another Worldwide piece. I really like this! Super cute and different from anything he owns, which I’m sure he’ll appreciate. Also, I love both ways that it’s styled in the slideshow.

10. Button-Down Denim Jacket

Every man and woman should own at least one denim jacket. This one also comes in light and dark denim. Loved all three and really couldn’t decide at first, but I went with black thinking that maybe he would get more wear out of it compared to the other two since it’s black and black goes with everything (or mostly everything). However, you can’t go wrong with either one. I actually got one of my favorite denim jackets in light denim from F21. It’s great quality, and I’ve worn it a ton.

That’s a wrap on today’s haul. I hope you all got some outfit and gift inspiration. I made sure to get next day shipping to ensure these items get here before V-Day. It’s extra money of course, but if you’re last minute shopping like me, I highly recommend if you can just so you can guarantee (hopefully!) that you get your items in time.

Happy shopping and Happy early V-Day! I hope you all enjoy. Be sure to comment below your thoughts on today’s post.

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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