What I Got for Christmas 2020

I planned on posting this before the new year, but I’ve just been super busy, so here we are!

Today I’m sharing what I got for Christmas. This post is not meant to brag at all. I honestly didn’t get that much, but I still wanted to share because I enjoy these kinds of posts and figured you guys might as well.

I appreciate everything that was gifted to me!

This planner came right on time. I’m excited to get organized and on track with some longterm goals for 2021!

I love that this journal has a different bible verse on each page as one of my longterm goals is to read and study the bible more.

I also love the idea of journaling every single day, so a year from now, I can look back and see how much I’ve grown.

Both the planner and journal are from Ross.

I work from home, so this massage seat topper is going to come in handy. I can’t wait to test it out.

I love how these smell!

Also really love this perfume! One thing I want to do is start a perfume collection. I want a different scent for every occasion 😅

Okay…this bracelet is probably my favorite gift just because of the meaning behind it. The person who gifted it to me said there were others that said different things. This one says “life is a journey.” That honestly couldn’t be more true or more fitting for my life. My life is truly a journey. Everyone’s is. I’m excited to see where mine takes me.

This stocking and tumbler were early Christmas gifts. Both are from Kirklands.

This wristlet is so cute and functional for those busy days when I just need to grab something and go!

Obsessed with this cute sweater dress from Kash Queen that I actually purchased for myself. I really want to spend my dollars this year supporting as many small and black owned businesses as I can. This is one that I’m always happy to support.

Two pair of earrings were gifted to me. I’ve somehow misplaced the other pair. I’m so sad. Both are super cute and from Jcpenney. I hope I find the other pair asap!

These pajamas! Fun fact: I love pajama sets and will never get too old for these types of gifts. This set came with the matching socks. It’s from Kohls.

Loveeee these Vince Camuto underwear from TJ Maxx. So comfy and good quality. They came as a set of 3 for like $10. I got to pick these out myself lol. Glad I did because I love them a lot.

The robe and slippers are also gifts that I bought for myself. Obsessed with both! Love that the robe is pretty long. I got a medium when I could’ve gotten a small. I like that it’s roomy. And the slippers are so freakin’ comfy. I’ve been living in both. They’re from Walmart.

Last but certainly not least, the cutest, sexiest robe ever! I was living my best life in this during my little staycation I just had. It came with a matching thong lol. Y’all know purple is my favorite color. Loveee!!!

That’s everything I got for Christmas last year. Special shoutout to my family and friends. I love and appreciate everything!

Did you all have a good Christmas? How did you spend the holidays? Comment down below.

Wishing you all a prosperous, healthy, and safe 2021 🥰

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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