Affordable Christmas Decor from Family Dollar! | Lots of $1 items!

Every year I automatically think to go to places like Hobby Lobby, Target, At Home, Kirkland’s, and Walmart for Christmas decor, but last week when I went to my local Family Dollar, I saw they had quite a bit of Christmas decor – all for affordable prices. So, I went back in there yesterday and was able to find some really cute items. I wanted to share everything I got with you guys ASAP before it all sells out.

Everything was well organized at my local Family Dollar. I genuinely enjoyed shopping there and being able to find some great items.

I left the tags on everything so you guys can see the prices.

This set of snowman mini stockings is so cute. There are other sets to choose from.

There are also more decorative and colorful styles of the big stockings; those are $3. I feel like these plain white and red ones are good enough. I may customize them with our first initials a bit later.

Love these faux floral arrangements. I usually make my own, but it’s nice not having to do that this year.

I actually purchased two of the light up bottle decor pieces, but one of them didn’t work. I’ll have to exchange it for another one. But love those!

Here’s what they look like lit up:

Love the snow globe as well. It reminds me of my childhood. The tag came off it, but I remember it was $5.

The metal truck was actually the first decor item that caught my eye. I knew I had to go back to get it. I feel like it would’ve been around $15-$20 anywhere else such as, Target or Walmart. It was only $8 at Family Dollar. Love it!

I was surprised, but there were a few different colors and styles of these round ornaments to choose from. They had smaller ones and packs with gold and silver in them. I went for the traditional red and green. I usually stick to those colors every year. Love the tree skirt! I’m thinking of going for a grinch theme for my tree this year – another reason I stuck to all red and green decor.

My total for all of this was $47.52, which I thought was great. I did want to mention Family Dollar has 6 ft Christmas trees for $20! They also have pre-lit ones, but I’m not sure how much those are. Online it says the 6 ft pre-lit ones are $30. Definitely check your local Family Dollar for exact pricing on trees.

We’re actually going shopping for a tree today. We’ll check At Home to see what they have, but we may end up getting one from Family Dollar. Who knows? Stay tuned for more Christmas decor and my Christmas apartment tour coming soon! 🎄

**UPDATE: There won’t be a Christmas apartment tour this year due to current circumstances. Read my most recent life update to find out why.**

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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