Our 2020 Halloween Party!

I’ve wanted to have a Halloween party for years and finally decided to have one this year. The crazy thing is, it was planned totally last minute. I’m talking a couple days before Halloween my friend and I were trying to decide what to do when I told her I wanted to have a party. She decided to help me plan it and buy some of the food and decor.

I didn’t know I wanted to do a blog post until a bit before the party started, so a lot of the pictures aren’t the best, but I still wanted to show you guys how the decor turned out and our costumes. This was a very small gathering, so we didn’t do anything too extravagant for the decor, and again, it was super last minute.

Everything we purchased is from Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Hobby Lobby.

What we purchased:

These cute pumpkins, orange table cover, plates, and napkins are all from Hobby Lobby.

If you’re curious about where I purchased my regular fall/Halloween decor, check out that post here.

I also decided to use these two pumpkins, which were originally a part of the fall flower arrangement (from Walmart) that’s in my fall/Halloween decor post.

This skull garland is so cute! I got it at Family Dollar along with the glow in the dark items and candy rings.

I knew the kids would enjoy playing with these! This small Halloween party quickly became more about the kids because we figured it would be a lot safer than taking them trick-or-treating with everything going on.

Here are some of the snacks minus the salsa, Cheeto puffs, and the variety of candy we purchased. The snacks and candy are from Walmart with the exception of some of the lollipops and candy bracelets, which are from Dollar Tree.

My friend had leftover Halloween candy bags from last year, so those worked out perfectly! We tried to save money any way that we could.

Here are some of the lollipops and candy rings from Dollar Tree. We decided to lay these pops out on the table since they’re so cute and went great with the decor.

I know you’re probably wondering by now what food and drinks we had. We had pizza from Little Caesars. For drinks, we had two different sodas, Caprisuns, and water, which all came from Walmart.

So, now for the decor/set up:

We looked everywhere for Halloween decor, but with it being last minute, we didn’t have much luck. A lot of the decor was already gone.

That left us having to get really creative with this background. I simply googled cute Halloween phrases and chose this one. I found these letters in Family Dollar. I originally wanted to use the garland for the table, but I realized the letters alone would’ve been too plain. The garland added a little something extra. I went back for more garland for the table and just like that, it was all gone.

I cut off two of the skulls from the garland and used those for the Os in spooky. I think the background turned out great.

The two clear bowls, tongs, and clear tray with the cookies are from Dollar Tree.

Our costumes!

The cutest little fairy!

Her costume is from Walmart. Loved that it light ups!

Our handsome werewolf is up next 😍

His accessories are from Spirit Halloween, his fleece and pants from Kohl’s, and his gray t-shirt is from Walmart.

The vampire (me!)

I was so happy I got to live out my vampire dreams! It was so fun. My accessories are also from Spirit Halloween, and I paired them with clothes and boots that I already had in my closet.

Fun fact: my brother DJ and I wanted to dress up as our favorite supernatural creatures. It was cool that we got to be “rivals” for a day and that our costumes this year somewhat coordinated.

Last but not least, the cute dark angel–my friend Jasmen who helped me plan the party.

Jasmen’s wings are from Spirit Halloween, and she paired them with clothes and boots that she already had in her closet.

Those are all the pics we got. I hope you all enjoyed this post! Hopefully next year I can have a much bigger Halloween party and more people will come.

Comment below what you were for Halloween this year and what you ended up doing.

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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