Last Minute Halloween Treats

With Halloween only a couple days away, I wanted to share 3 QUICK and EASY Halloween treats that are perfect for last minute if you’re planning to have a party or get together.

Here’s everything I purchased from Walmart. There will be close ups of everything.

Ghost Cupcakes 👻 🧁

All you need are plain white cupcakes (big or small. These are the small ones because that’s all I could find) and candy eyeballs.

You simply place the candy eyeballs on each cupcake.

Super easy and cute!

Witch Brooms 🧹

All you need are miniature Reese’s cups and pretzel sticks.

All you do is flip over each Reese’s cup and gently stick a pretzel stick in the center. You don’t want to push down too hard or else the Reese’s will split apart. You also don’t want to push the sticks down too far because the purpose is for them to look like witch brooms.

They were actually really good btw. Love the sweet and salty combo!

Candy Corn Mix 🍫

All you need are honey roasted whole cashews, Hershey’s milk chocolate drops, and Autumn Mix Candy Corn.

You could honestly use whatever nuts and chocolate you’d like. Originally, I was going to do peanuts and candy corn, but I made these treats with my little brother, who is allergic to peanuts, so I got cashews as an alternative and decided to add in some chocolate. I really didn’t mind because I prefer cashews. They’re one of my favorite nuts; however, I wish I hadn’t decided to add in the chocolate. I found myself only reaching for the candy corn and cashews. Lol. But it was really good nonetheless. The perfect mix of sweet and salty!

This clear glass dish is perfect for a party or get together! 

Those are all 3 quick and easy treats! I hope you all enjoyed this post. Be sure to let me you know if you plan on trying these!

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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