Visit the Best Parts of Columbus, Georgia

The global pandemic that we are currently in has impacted our world in countless ways—traveling being one of them. As I’m sure you all know, international travel along with travel here in the U.S. (varying from state to state) has been restricted. While it’s critical that we follow the guidance of our leadership and the CDC to prevent the potential spread of the virus to other countries and in between states here in the U.S., sheltering in place has been a difficult adjustment for those in the travel industry and those in general who travel for fun or for business-related purposes.

With those people in mind, I have decided to participate in a huge blogger collab that invites different bloggers from around the U.S. to write about all the great places and activities to explore in one’s city/state. I am honored to participate in such a unique collab and introduce to you all just one small part of what makes America so great. It is our hope that this collab will inspire you all to travel right here in the states to see all that this amazing country has to offer (once it’s safe to travel again of course). Without further ado, join me in exploring the city of Columbus, Georgia and all that makes it such a special place to call home.



Before this collab, I never thought too much about which place is the heart of Columbus, but while brainstorming about different places and activities I want to share in this post, downtown Columbus was the first place to come to mind. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, downtown is for sure the heart of Columbus. Downtown is where you can dine, shop, attend events, party, meet new people and be adventurous. It’s the first place I think of when I meet someone and they ask, “What is there to do in Columbus?” It’s where I take friends and family to have fun and experience something new and funny enough, where I met my boyfriend. Needless to say, a lot of my favorite memories were made downtown.

Here’s a picture of me when I first visited downtown. I was in high school, and my cousin and I wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before, so we ended up at Picasso’s Pizzeria for lunch.


I remember ordering a slice of cheese pizza and how delicious it was. I also remember how happy we both were to spend our time somewhere new, and although we enjoyed our delicious lunch, it wasn’t until I started working at W.C. Bradley that I truly got to experience downtown for what it is.

Outside of W.C. Bradley having a photo shoot. I had just started blogging not long before, so I was working on getting content.


Let’s explore downtown!


Favorite restaurants:

There are several places to dine downtown, but here are a few that I’ve tried and really enjoy:

The Cannon Brew Pub

“The Cannon Brew Pub experience is unique old-world charm complemented by signature made on-site brews, classic American cuisine, and brick-fired oven pizza” (The Cannon Brew Pub).

I love the old-world charm that The Cannon Brew offers. It’s probably one of the most unique places to dine at in Columbus (not just downtown) for that reason, but not only that, the food is pretty amazing! I remember going there every chance I got to eat lunch when I worked downtown. It’s the next block over from where I worked, so I would always walk there.

Some of my favorite things to order are the buffalo chicken salad, white chicken nachos, burgers, and fries.

Lunch date with my friend Jasmen.
The fish tacos are pretty good too.

This was a bittersweet lunch. It was my last day at W.C. Bradley, so I decided to have lunch outside to give myself peace of mind.
Bright side, it was my first time trying the buffalo chicken salad, and it was delicious!


Picasso’s Pizzeria

“Picasso’s Pizzeria has been both a family and late night staple in downtown Columbus for over ten years. We offer a variety of signature pies, sandwiches, pasta, calzones, salads, and more” (Picasso’s Pizzeria)!

As I mentioned earlier, Picasso’s was the first place I ate at downtown back in high school. I love their cheesy garlic bread and buffalo chicken pizza.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2018 hence the festive green drinks. They were pretty good!
This was my first time trying the cheesy garlic bread.



“Houlihan’s in Downtown Columbus is located inside the Columbus Marriott and is your place to wine and dine in Columbus. Whether you’re looking for a great meal for lunch or dinner, or just a place to unwind with the best Columbus happy hour, the Downtown Columbus Houlihan’s restaurant provides a great dining experience” (Houlihan’s).

I spent my 22nd birthday, one of my favorite birthdays, at the Houlihan’s downtown. My family and I enjoyed the alcoholic beverages and the wings in particular. I love that Houlihan’s is located inside the Marriott hotel. It’s the perfect restaurant to have a birthday celebration when you have people coming from out of town who may need to stay overnight.

One of my favorite family pictures with some of the people I love most.
Fun fact: My cousin Kay Kay (far left) and I sometimes celebrate our birthdays together since they’re a few days apart.


What I love most about dining downtown is being able to soak in the unique atmosphere. There are always people around, events going on, and just so much to see and enjoy.


Favorite places to party:

Crowne Hookah Restaurant & Lounge

“The atmosphere of a modern day speak easy with the aromas of a Persian shisha house Crowne hookah is bringing the age old favorite of delectable smoke back to the Columbus palate. With an array of fine tobacco alongside a menu of posh cocktails the lounge makes the list of any savvy uptown patron. […]
From standard to specialty blends, Crowne Hookah offers over 50 unique flavors of premium grade flavored tobacco. […] Crowne Hookah fosters a balanced environment that is both comfortable and relaxing with an upbeat edge” (Crowne Hookah). 

The funny thing about me loving this place is that I have yet to try the hookah. I do plan on trying it eventually. I have tried and enjoyed their alcoholic beverages. I love that the music is always on point. It’s a great place to chill and have a few drinks after work during the week and on the weekends if you want to turn up a bit more. Regardless of when you go, you’ll leave Crowne Hookah feeling satisfied.



“Elevate Your Nightlife With A Fresh New Approach To Hip-Hop And R&B. Upscale Nightlife Redefined Featuring Celebrity Guests and Talented DJs Including DJ Alvin D & DJ F.A.T.T. Boi” (Martini’s).

Martini’s is hands down one of my favorite spots to party. The crowd is always nice, and the music is always on point. I’m very big on safety when I go out to clubs, and I can honestly say that I’ve never had an issue feeling unsafe while there. Each time I’ve been, I was back and forth from the bar to the dance floor and danced almost the entire night. It’s a good time!

Not the best pictures quality wise, but we had a great time!


The Hooch

“The Ultimate Party bar in Columbus, GA” (The Hooch).

The Hooch is a pretty cool spot. I never see many people dancing when I go. Everyone is usually just standing around talking, even when the lights go off. Kay Kay and I went the same night we went to Martini’s (which you’ll see below), and we were literally the life of the party. I will say that everyone is usually friendly and open to meeting and interacting with new people. I love how diverse it is. If you’re someone who likes to have fun with a variety of people, this is the spot for you.

New Years Eve 2017. I believe this was my first time at The Hooch.


It may not look like it here, but we were definitely the life of the party that night.



Ayden Restaurant & Lounge

“An Upscale Lounge and Seafood Restaurant Located In the heart of Downtown Columbus Georgia” (Ayden Restaurant & Lounge).

I went to Ayden’s for the first time with my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary, and we were both highly impressed. It’s nicely decorated and upscale, which is exactly the kind of place we were hoping to go to for our anniversary. We went when it was still a restaurant and stayed a few hours longer after it turned into a club and the crowd started rolling in. We enjoyed our time there and can’t wait to go back.

One of my favorite pictures of us.


Adventures on the River:

The Riverwalk is probably my favorite place to go downtown. Similar to how downtown is the heart of Columbus, the Riverwalk is the heart of downtown. It’s beautiful, tranquil, and always brightens my day whenever I’m there. There’s so much that you can do at the Riverwalk alone. From taking a stroll to whitewater rafting, the Riverwalk has so much to offer. I’m not an adventurous person, so I personally enjoy taking a stroll and sitting or standing on the rocks to get a better view of the river. I do advise that you take precaution when on the rocks to avoid slipping and falling.


Below are a few activities you can enjoy at the Riverwalk:

• Whitewater rafting
• Ziplining
• Kayaking
• Fly Fishing
• Stand Up Paddleboarding (S.U.P)
• Bike riding

The Riverwalk also has a park, Woodruff Riverfront Park, for the younger kids. It consists of a playground and splash pad that most kids seem to enjoy. We’ve taken my little brother several times, and each time, he never wants to leave.


Be sure to visit White Water Express to plan your next adventure and get anything you may need to enjoy your time on the river.

For more information on downtown Columbus, visit



Although downtown is the heart of Columbus, there are other places worth mentioning and going to. Stars and Strikes being one of them.

“With upgraded bowling lanes, including fully decked out VIP lanes, this family entertainment center brings some serious fun! Our arcade boasts the latest and greatest in video games alongside our exclusive prize store. Play laser tag in our two-story arena, enjoy bumper cars, or explore our Escapology escape rooms!” (Stars and Strikes)

Stars and Strikes is the best. Mainly because of happy hour, but also because I get to enjoy quality time with my loved ones. Plus, there’s always a special going on to ensure you’re having a good time without worry you’re spending too much money. For more on the specials they offer, visit


I enjoy going during the week on my day off when it’s not so crowded. My mom and I like to get there in time for happy hour. We usually have a few Long Island Iced Teas while my little brother plays the games, and then we’ll join him afterward.

We love VIP bowling; it’s more private than regular bowling, which is a huge plus. VIP bowling is great for a ladies night or date night with your significant other because of the privacy and intimacy that it offers.


Ladies night!


Here’s a list of other family friendly entertainment centers that you may want to visit in Columbus:

At AMF Bowlero a few years back.



I wouldn’t be a true fashion and lifestyle blogger if I didn’t tell you where you can find the best shopping stores in Columbus.

Columbus Park Crossing (also known as the strip mall)

“What are you on the hunt for? Anything in particular? Columbus Park Crossing offers an exceptional array of retailers, eateries and services to help locals in the area fulfill their daily needs. Located in Columbus, Georgia off Whittlesey Boulevard and Highway 27, our shopping complex is home to popular name-brand stores guaranteed to help you find just what you’re looking for! Not mention, our many restaurants can always satisfy a hungry stomach, regardless of what you’re craving” (Columbus Park Crossing).

Just about everything you can think of is at the strip mall. In addition to the many retailers and restaurants, it also has a movie theater. It’s the perfect place to go for dinner and a movie. I love the convenience of having everything in one place. You can get a lot done with minimal travel. For the mall map/stores directory, visit

Inside the dressing room at Kohl’s. I actually ended up buying that dress.

Columbus also has an indoor mall called Peachtree Mall, so be sure to check it out as well.

At the Forever 21 inside of Peachtree Mall.


There are a ton of places you can visit in Columbus, Georgia, but these are the places I go to often and personally love. If you ever have the opportunity to visit my wonderful city, I hope you take the time to visit these places.

I will link a couple of the posts done by others bloggers in this collab here:

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plan your next road trip to…SIOUX FALLS // SOUTH DAKOTA by lifetoldbyirene


I hope you guys enjoyed this travel post. It’s something I’ve never done on my blog before. Comment below where you’re from and if you’ve ever visited Columbus, Georgia. Also, let me know where you plan to take a trip as soon as it’s safe to travel again. I know for me, it’s for sure the beach!

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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