Life Update | stepping back, COVID-19, new project, upcoming collab?

A picture from 2018 that reminds me of happier times.

Welcome back to my blog! I know I haven’t posted in almost a month, but I decided to take a step back from blogging because I wanted to make sure I was being considerate during such a scary and confusing time in our world. If I’m being honest, I didn’t feel comfortable telling people to click the link in my bio to read my blog post or just going about every day life posting regular content when there are bigger, more important things to worry about. I feel my main priority at this time should be staying safe and healthy and making sure I follow the guidance of our leadership to hopefully help flatten the curve. To some people, I know because I see comments on social media all the time about this, it comes off as selfish and inconsiderate when content creators continue putting out content during sensitive times. I definitely don’t ever want to offend anyone or come off that way, so I have been mindful about what I post. That said, blogging and social media are a lot of people’s full time jobs, so they have no choice but to post. It’s important that we keep in mind the people who still have to work and make a living. Since this isn’t my full time job, I have the ability to cut back without being financially impacted.

I’ve also made it a priority to spend time during this quarantine motivating and helping people in any way I can. Being that I work from home, I’ve been asking my followers to let me know if they are interested in applying for my job. I’ve talked to at least a dozen people about how to apply and hope to talk to more. If anyone reading this is out of work or looking to work from home, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be more than happy to provide all the details and point you in the right direction. I know times are hard for a lot of people right now. I want to do what I can to help. The only way we’re going to survive these trying times is by working together.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions, can transform the world.” -Howard Zinn

I’ve spent most days for the past few weeks in the apartment except for when I absolutely have to leave to go to the grocery store (and to step out for some fresh air here and there). I did, however, go to my parents house to celebrate my little brother’s 8th birthday last week (disclaimer: it wasn’t a birthday party. It was only my parents, my two brothers, and me there. We’ve all been quarantining and following the proper guidance but just decided to make an exception for my little brother’s special day). We obviously didn’t get to spend his birthday how we’d originally planned, but we still enjoyed ourselves and made the most out of it. I’m just thankful we’re all here and were able to get together to celebrate him. There are so many families that don’t have that privilege right now, and it completely breaks my heart. I’m hoping that things get better sooner than later so that we can all get back to our normal lives. If anything, this time should really teach us the importance of family and spending time with the people we love more often.

Meet my little brother DJ!

I’ve also tried to make the best out of this quarantine by being productive. I’ve been working on a big project that I plan to launch (hopefully) once this is all over and everyone is able to get back to some normalcy—as normal as possible considering the impact COVID-19 will leave. It’s a project I’ve always been passionate about and really think you guys will love and enjoy! I’ll be documenting the process and will be sure to keep you guys updated along the way.

Having an important meeting about my new project!

In the meantime, I’ll be working on a collaboration with another blogger to bring you guys some fun content that will hopefully serve as a good distraction to help take our minds off of the virus and all the news that’s circulating every day. I’ll be introducing her, the blogger, in my next post. That will hopefully go up next week. Be sure to stay tuned for that and subscribe if you haven’t already so you’ll be one of the first to be notified. As much as I’ve seen some negative comments about content creators being selfish and inconsiderate during this time, I’ve also seen some positive ones about us making people feel better when they read an inspirational post or see a beautiful picture—whatever it may be. So, I definitely want to get back to posting for those who want to read my content and need some positivity to help keep your mind off of all the chaos.

I appreciate you guys, and I’m thankful for this platform! I can’t wait to get back to blogging more regularly. You guys be sure to stay safe and healthy and do your part in trying to help flatten the curve. I’m sending you all so much love and positivity!

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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