Current Fashion Faves

Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is having a great day πŸ’—

It’s been a while since I did a fashion post, so today I’m excited to dive into my current fashion faves. These are things that I’ve been obsessed with and feel like every fashion lover needs in her life!

Let’s jump right in:


Just to let you guys know, lately I’ve been obsessed with all things leopard print. You’re going to see a couple other leopard print items in this post, but first this micro mini bag that was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend (he made sure to pay attention to my Christmas gift guide lol). I love it! It does come with a strap; I love that you can wear it with or without the strap.

It’s obviously not the most spacious bag; it’s not meant to be, but it does fit the necessities like your ID, credit/debit cards, and maybe even your lipstick or lipgloss.

Overall, micro mini bags are very popular right now and so is leopard print. This is a great bag to incorporate both trends into your wardrobe. Plus, it’s so cute!


I’ve wanted a pair of these for a while and finally got them in October (I’m actually wearing them in the first picture). Super cute! They’ve been my go-to heels lately because they go well with so many different outfits. They’re definitely worth buying because you’ll get a lot of use out of them.


I’m obsessed with these boots! Simple as that. The buckles, leopard print detail, and overall style of the boots immediately caught my attention, and I just knew I had to have them. I don’t own any boots even remotely similar to these, which is another reason they caught my eye. This year I’m all about incorporating different, more statement pieces into my wardrobe that I wouldn’t normally wear. These will definitely make a statement!

There’s actually a cute story behind these boots and the jacket I’m showing you next. I was at Kohl’s with my boyfriend and his mom when I first saw the boots and the jacket. I kept saying how cute they both are. Crazy enough, my boyfriend went back to Kohl’s to get them for me, and he surprised me on Valentine’s Day. I was so beyond happy and of course thankful to have a man who pays attention to the things I like πŸ’• I’m excited to style these! Btw, they’re currently on sale!



Here’s the jacket! 😍 It’s also currently on sale. I love that it’s pink with leopard print (you probably can’t tell from the picture, but I promise it’s pink; you can check the link to see the exact color). This is another statement piece that I knew I needed in my closet. I love the collar on this and the overall fit. I just really love it! I plan to do a dedicated post styling both the jacket and the boots soon. Stay tuned!


I used to wear Air Force 1s when I was younger, but over the years, I haven’t been much of a sneaker girl. That has changed recently. I’ve definitely been into sneakers a lot more lately. These were actually sitting in my closet for 4 years. They were a birthday gift to me that I never wore because again, I wasn’t really into sneakers then. I wore them for the first time on Valentine’s Day. Crazy right? Lol. But it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed again 😍 You really can’t go wrong with a classic, all white pair of sneakers.


Source: Steve Madden

Many bloggers have been raving about these lately. Steve Madden is one of my favorite brands to purchase sandals from, so I knew I had to get in on the hype. I preordered mine the other day 😁 I’m excited because I feel like I’ll get a ton of use out of them this spring and summer. I’ve seen them paired with a lot of different outfits, and they look good on so many people. They’re also available in clear HERE.

That’s everything I wanted to share today. I’ll be sharing more fashion faves over the next few months. I tend to shop more during spring and summer.

Comment below which item or items you’d like to purchase.

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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