Outfit Ideas for V-Day

I shared these outfit ideas last year on my old blog and quite a few people seemed to really like them. I thought I would share them here as well for the new people since they’re really great options for the occasion. Unfortunately, though, a lot of the items are sold out or not available anymore. I don’t think the sold out items will be restocked anytime soon. I searched many different websites to find similar items but wasn’t really satisfied with what I was finding. However, the good thing is, you can still use these ideas to give you some inspiration if nothing else. You may be able to find similar items at your local mall or may already own something similar. That’s the beauty of fashion–being able to get really creative and put your spin on a look that you like.

Let’s discuss these outfits!

First up is this casual look:

Since many of you have already seen these, I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say for those of you who are new, this outfit is perfect if you want to look nice for the occasion but don’t want to get too dressed up.

I’m still so obsessed with this jacket. It’s so pretty. I love the pockets in the front and fuzzy material. I also love how well it pairs with my OTK boots. It’s really the focus of the outfit 💕


Jacket – HERE

Boots – HERE [the site says they’re taupe, but they’re actually more brown to me]

Next is this sexy, party dress look:

This dress is one of my favorites. Many of you probably saw that I recommended it in my Christmas Party Outfit Ideas! (got to love those pieces that are great for multiple uses/occasions).

In regard to V-Day, this dress is perfect to wear for a girls night out if you’re single and celebrating with the ladies this year. It’s also a great option if you’re in a relationship and going on a date with your significant other. I actually wore it last V-Day out to dinner with my boyfriend.

Check out this super cute throwback 🥰 This is probably my favorite picture of us:


Dress – HERE

Heels – JCPenney

Last but not least is this sexy, more fancy look:

I love this look! The dress is even more beautiful in person. Surprisingly, the only time I wore it was to take pictures for the blog post I did last year. It’s so nice that I really have no idea where I would wear it. I recommend wearing a dress like this if you’re going somewhere that’s a little more fancy and upscale for V-Day.

Maybe I’ll go somewhere like that this year and finally get to wear it because it’s too nice to go to waste.


Dress – HERE

Heels – Macy’s

I hope these outfits gave you all some inspiration on what to wear for V-Day! Comment below your favorite outfit.

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I hope to see you back here next time.



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